Thank you for saying “hello!”

What would our college community look like if we all took the time to say “hi” to each other? What sort of impact would it have on our interpersonal relationships? What could it do for students, just letting them know that we’re all here to support them?

This semester, we’re launching a campaign called “Just Say Hello” to find out. Our goal is for everyone in our college community – students, faculty, and staff – to communicate with one another to build a stronger sense of community. The work starts by simply saying “hello” to each other. What happens after that?

Well, that’s where we need your help. What can we do to further build a sense of community at our college? What types of events, promotions, videos and stories do you want to see to build on that work? What can we do differently?

Share your ideas and join the conversation. Email and let us know what you’re thinking!