CITLA awards scholarship to national convention

CCRI’s Center for Center for Innovative Teaching, Learning and Assessment has awarded a scholarship to Zenaido Ramos, assistant professor in Foreign Languages and Cultures, to attend the American Association of Community Colleges annual convention from April 26 to May 1 in Dallas.

In awarding the scholarship to Ramos, CITLA noted his clear statement of purpose for attending the conference. Asked which of four pre-conference workshops he would choose, Ramos wrote that “Millennial Leadership” presents excellent opportunities for someone starting off in academia like him to gain important skills necessary to become a more effective professor and colleague.

He noted it’s particularly important that the conference is geared toward those who teach at community colleges. “Therefore I would be able to learn more about relevant practices, which I would be able to implement,” he wrote. “The overall goal of conferences is to learn about innovative practices and bring these ideas back so as to make learning more effective for students.”

He said he also hopes to gain insight from presenters and speakers that will “help me create a successful learning environment for my students with practices grounded in theory that have worked for others.”