General Education Committee fall workshops

The General Education Committee is pleased to announce fall workshops:
Refining our Gen Ed Foundations: The Educated Person
Following recent changes to RIC’s and URI’s general education requirements, the General Education Committee is beginning a three-year process of revising our general education program. Our first step is to review and consider refinements to CCRI’s “Definition of an Educated Person: Four Abilities” that was developed as a collaborative effort several years ago to provide a foundation for the college’s general education program (see the current version.)
The committee invites faculty, staff and students to participate in workshops to be offered during November on four campuses. The purpose of the workshops is to reconsider the goals and outcomes of general education at CCRI, and how we might refine the “Educated Person” definition and the core abilities it describes.
The workshops are scheduled from noon to 1:15 p.m. on the following dates:
  • Liston Campus: Tuesday, Nov. 14, in Room 2229
  • Flanagan Campus: Thursday, Nov. 16, in Room 2144
  • Knight Campus: Friday, Nov. 17, in Room 1040
  • Newport Campus: Tuesday, Nov. 21 in Room 233
We strongly encourage you to attend and participate so that the many voices of the CCRI community are heard and included in this process. However, the committee regrets that not everyone may be able to attend one of the workshops because of complexities of location and schedule, so we intend to use the results of the workshop for a survey that will enable more of the college community to participate in the process.