Warwick Renewal updates

As many of you know, the Warwick Renewal is well underway. When completed, this five-year construction program will improve the student, faculty and staff experience at the Knight Campus. I’d like to take this opportunity to provide you with some updates on the work that has been completed under this program and give you a timeline for upcoming projects. We will be providing you with more details for each project as we move through the next year.

Projects completed this summer under Warwick Renewal

• Upgraded acoustics and sound system in the Great Hall.
• Installed LCD TV system.
• Constructed traffic-calming measures to improve pedestrian and vehicle safety at the East Avenue entrance.

Projects that will be completed by November 2017

• Installation of electronic doors to improve campus security.
• Construction of the new second-floor staircase in the Great Hall.
• Relocation of College Police to new office space at the second-floor entrance to provide for greater visibility and engagement with our community.

Projects that will be completed by end of spring 2018

• Installation of new carpet and furnishings in the Great Hall to provide students, faculty and staff a more comfortable area to gather.
• Completion of the digital wayfinding system at elevator kiosks to help people navigate our campus.
• Modernization of the interior of campus elevators.

Projects that will be completed by start of fall 2018

• Improvements to lighting in the Great Hall.
• Installation of security cameras to further enhance safety on campus.

We are also looking forward to the completion of the major rehabilitation of the Knight Estate in November. We are planning a community open house, so please look for an invitation in the coming weeks.

While we know that some of these improvements may cause temporary inconvenience, we ask for your patience and feedback as we continue these improvements to our Knight Campus.

— Alix Ogden
Chief of Staff