New student and bus drop-off areas at the Knight Campus

As many of you have no doubt noticed, our new rotary and upgraded crosswalk, which was constructed as part of the five-year Warwick Renewal project, has caused some confusion for students who are dropped off at our college. While we have made efforts to direct drop-off traffic to the sidewalk near the main student parking lot, there have still been many cars who are stopping in the rotary to let people out. This slows down traffic and could cause safety concerns.

Starting on Sept. 22, we addressed this issue by switching our student and RIPTA drop-off areas. With this change, students can now be dropped off at the entrance in the short-term parking lot, near the main office of Student Affairs, and RIPTA buses will drop-off and pick up students at the sidewalk closest to the large student parking lot. No vehicles should stop in the rotary as this is unsafe and causes traffic delays. The first row of parking (closest to the building) in the student lot will be eliminated to provide ample room for bus traffic.

This will provide ample, safe, and dedicated space for cars to drop-off and pick up students while avoiding bus and car traffic in the same area. Further communications and signage will be utilized over the next several days to provide advance notice and guidance to drivers, riders, and pedestrians.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we work to make our campus traffic flow safely and efficiently.

— David Patten
Vice President