Deans moving to Liston and Flanagan campuses

Beginning with the Fall 2017 semester, academic deans would be assigned to the Liston and Flanagan campuses. I am happy to announce that Dr. Thomas Sabbagh, Dean of Business, Science and Technology, will be assigned to the Liston Campus and Dr. Hilary Jansson, Interim Dean of Health and Rehabilitative Sciences, will be assigned to the Flanagan Campus. I asked Deans Sabbagh and Jansson to take on these roles in response to important feedback from faculty and staff on both campuses that there was a need for academic leadership. As part of these new responsibilities, they will work closely with AVP Schertz on their respective campuses.

We will complete the transition of Deans Sabbagh and Jansson into office space by September 18. In the interim, they will be present to meet and assist you beginning Tuesday morning, September 5. We are also in the process of arranging communication mechanisms to enable them to communicate directly to each specific campus community. 

I am confident that the Deans regular presence on the Liston and Flanagan campuses will enhance communication and support teamwork. It will also bring us into alignment with NEASC standards. Please welcome them warmly this week.

— Rosemary Costigan
Vice President for Academic Affairs