A message from Purchasing regarding W.B. Mason orders

The last day for placing orders against existing W.B. Mason blankets through the online ordering system for FY17 will be June 16.  This will allow all deliveries to be made during the week of June 19 to 23. 

Please verify the contents of your order as soon as it has been delivered. If any portion of the order needs to be returned, please contact W.B. Mason immediately so that a pickup can be scheduled. This will allow for credits to be processed in a timely manner. Send all packing slips to Accounts Payable as soon as the orders have been verified to help expedite year-end processing.

To more efficiently process W.B. Mason blanket orders for FY18, departments will not need to enter a Banner requisition to create a new blanket purchase order. Departments will be notified when the online system is available to place FY18 orders. Departments can make advice of changes to the W.B. Mason purchase orders once they have been established. The only exceptions to this process are new grant monies.

Thank you for your assistance.