Technology upgrades

It’s been a busy few months of adding and upgrading technology at the college. Learn about improvements to wireless security, Blackboard, conference room technology and more.

Wireless upgrade

CCRI has updated wireless security with a new network, CCRI_Community, to provide faculty, staff, students and event/sponsored users with a more secure and robust and easier wireless experience. The CCRI_Guest wireless network will be available to public users and provide basic access to the internet for surfing and applications like email and messaging. The networks will undergo additional modifications in the next few months to enhance the user experience in a secure environment. The project will roll out in phases and is expected to be complete before the fall semester. Learn how to connect.

Email distribution groups

To reduce the number of general CCRI Announcements that arrive in your email inbox, Information Technology is working with the Department of Marketing and Communications to create email distribution groups. College administrators will be able to send email from their own account to specific groups of faculty and staff. 

Conference room technology upgrades

We will standardize technology for display and video equipment in conference rooms so that users will have the same experience no matter what room they use on any campus. With this technology, they can use most CCRI available software and have interactive collaborative capabilities to connect with any other user, conference room, PC or device on any campus or anywhere in the world.

Computer/projector refresh

The college is implementing a refresh program to reduce the age of computers and projectors. The goal is to replace older lamp projectors with new laser projectors that support 4K and Ultra High Definition standards. Computers will be upgraded to maintain a four- to five-year lifecycle.

‘Classrooms of the Future’

Information Technology and Academic Affairs offered technology training last fall semester in the prototype classrooms on the sixth floor of the Knight Campus. The recent Faculty Technology and Classroom Needs Survey provided input on the technology and furniture that meets the teaching needs in the college’s classrooms. As part of the college’s technology refresh program, many of the classrooms across the college will be upgraded with new laser projectors and instructor workstations with touch-screen monitors.

Blackboard updates

The college has acquired the Blackboard Connect mass notification system to provide personalized communication for outreach on any device. The contact information on file can be used to notify students of deadlines or other college events and track receipt.

Also, CCRI is moving the internally hosted Blackboard Learning Management System to a Software as a Service (SaaS) model this summer. The SaaS model will provide greater availability and timely updates and more access to innovative functionality continuously being incorporated in the Blackboard system.

CWCE registration system

The college is evaluating systems that will support the Center for Workforce and Continuing Education, whose registration, marketing, communications and course management are different from the credit side of the institution. CWCE systems provide fast and easy registration for programs that do not require as much personal information from students. The ability to enter bulk registrations and start classes continuously throughout the year will be included in the CWCE system.