Increased leadership at all campuses

We have listened carefully to feedback and insight from faculty and staff members from across our college, and we have heard constructive feedback that there is a need for an increased presence of college leadership at all of our locations.

You have shared with us that, over time as leadership has become centralized in Warwick, communication has suffered. To address this important concern, plans are in place to have leadership from Academic Affairs and Student Services at each campus starting this summer.

Beginning on July 1, Associate Vice President Ron Schertz will become the Student Services leader on the Liston and Flanagan campuses on a full-time basis. Dr. Schertz will provide leadership to the campus faculty, staff, and students with the goal of enhancing communication, expanding student services, addressing safety issues, and increasing the collaborative work on campus. Robyn Greene, who had served as interim Campus Coordinator since last fall, will be returning full-time to the Newport campus. We thank Robyn for her important contributions and for her willingness to step up in this role at Liston.

Also as part of this plan, Vice President Costigan will be determining how best to bring more academic leadership to our campuses for the start of the new year in September.

I am optimistic that with a clearly defined leadership model, we can enhance our ability to work collaboratively on behalf of our students. Thank you very much for your engagement this term and for your service to our college.

— Meghan Hughes