Removal of fees for new students

A message from Vice President Sara Enright

We are excited to share some excellent news for the future students of CCRI. Our college will no longer charge fees for filling out an application or for taking the ACCUPLACER test.

Previously, incoming students were charged $20 for the application fee and $40 for the ACCUPLACER fee. Now, students will no longer need to pay up to $60 out of pocket nor will they need to visit our Bursar to make this payment prior to taking the ACCUPLACER test.

We know that financial burdens can slow or derail the enrollment process for new students, and we are proud to be taking this important step forward. With these barriers removed, the enrollment process will be more streamlined and feasible for all incoming students. CCRI students who find it necessary to retake the ACCUPLACER at CCRI will continue to be assessed a $25 retesting fee.

Please note that the ACCUPLACER fee is only free for CCRI applicants. Individuals who request ACCUPLACER testing for application to other colleges and universities will be assessed the $40 fee for ACCUPLACER.