Changes to math lab program

We know the vast majority of our students arrive at CCRI needing developmental math. It’s one of the places we focused on as we work together to figure out how to best meet our students’ academic needs. We recently received the results of five years of student outcome data that shows students participating in the math lab are far less likely to earn a C or better compared to their peers in math lecture.  This significant difference is consistent across all categories of students including fulltime, part-time, all race/ethnic groups, first generation, non-first generation, Pell grant recipients, non-Pell grant recipients, students across ACCUPLACER score ranges, and students across various registration date ranges.  We encourage you to review the data that led to this decision. Click here for information.

In response to these findings, we made the decision to suspend the math lab program for the 2017-18 academic year, beginning summer 2017. We acted quickly because we knew hundreds of students would enroll in math lab classes for the summer and fall.  We could not enroll students in a model that data clearly showed was not serving them.  

Over the past year, there has been considerable investment in our math program by the college and significant work by our dedicated math faculty, including working in faculty learning communities, piloting an accelerated developmental education course (Math 0500/0600) and expanding co-requisite remediation (Math 0500/1420 and Math 0600/1200). We are committed to building upon this good work led by our math faculty as we explore and develop new best practices in developmental math teaching. Other opportunities to support this work may include bringing in a national expert in teaching developmental math at a community college and investing in technology to support teaching and learning.

Math is a fundamentally critical subject to our students. We look forward to continuing to work together to ensure CCRI provides the best possible opportunities for our students to learn mathematics. 

Rosemary Costigan, Vice-President of Academic Affairs
Sara Enright, Vice-President of Student Affairs/Chief Outcomes Officer