PTA program receives high marks from accreditation team

Despite some disruption from winter storm Stella, the CCRI Physical Therapy Assistant program had a successful reaccreditation site visit from the Commission on Accreditation of Physical Therapy Education last week.

In anticipation of the storm, the program doubled up Monday activities for three-member team from Ohio, New Jersey and Louisiana. Because the college was closed on Tuesday, the team interviewed faculty, staff, students and graduates at the Viking Hotel in Newport and completed the process on Wednesday.  

PTA Program Director Kim Rouillier said the visiting team found the graduation rate, licensing exam pass rate and employment rates for the past four years surpassed the commission’s expectations. She said team members commented that, even though adaptions had to be made for the storm, it was the easiest on-site visit they had experienced.
The site team visits to verify information the program provided in a self-study report, which includes an assessment of the program’s ability to meet its mission and the mission of CCRI as well as an assessment of the program, curriculum, policies, faculty and resources.

Reaccreditation is vital because physical therapy assistants in the U.S. must graduate from an accredited program and pass an exam to become licensed. The program has been accredited four times since it began in 1991. The commission will make its final decision on accreditation in October.