A message from Dean of Students Michael Cunningham

On Tuesday, Feb. 14, college staff responded to a medical emergency in the Great Hall at the Knight Campus in which a student was unconscious and stopped breathing. A peer told staff that the student had “taken something.” After NARCAN® and oxygen were administered, the student was revived and transported to a local hospital for further care.

The college is fortunate to have qualified faculty and staff on hand to assist in an emergency situation, but it is important that all students, faculty and staff contact 911 immediately and then contact College Police after. If care had been delayed by even a few minutes, we could have had a death on campus.

There has been a nationwide increase of drug-related fatalities over the past year due to the prevalence of cheap, synthetic opioids, some of which are powerful enough to stop the body from breathing. If you or someone you know would like to talk about issues related to substance abuse, stress management or the challenges you are facing, please contact Advising and Counseling and ask to speak to a counselor.

As members of this community, we have a duty to care for and help one another, and I encourage you to take care of yourselves and watch out for one another.